Votre beauté vous appartient

Yes, revolted, the word is not too strong, I am revolted by these women or these men met in the corner of a street or in an evening, with the motionless faces and without expression after a plastic surgery or after an injection of filling. He exists undoubtedly today a gap enters the wait of an intervention of plastic surgery of the face which has to allow to find his own personality and her unfortunates results which we sometimes observe. We could conceive that certain people slide gradually towards iterative operations or submit obsessional requests after a difficult time of their life, but these surgeons, why do they agree to operate? For financial reasons? Although these can seem obvious, I don’t think so, at any rate, not for the majority of them. On the other hand, I think that there is a certain passivity in front of this real bludgeoning of a beauty likened to an idealized, standardized, calibrated face. Yes, a real dictatorship among which beauty parlors, esthetic doctors, dermatos and esthetic surgeons are dangerous accomplices.

We live in this beginning of century a deep transfer of the image of the beauty. We pass of a beauty of compulsory mass and traditionally in compliance with standards or in compliance with golden sections in an individual and singular beauty which obeys anymore no calibration. A beauty which does not confront, but which amazes and is a surprise. An alive beauty, because she corresponds to the expression of an authentic and freed personality.

It is the beauty of our expressions and our feelings. She replaced the simple physical, neutral beauty and without message when she does not liven up.

Let us understand well, I do not speak about the internal, very noble beauty certainly, built on values, but which we discover too late, of this world which goes fast. I speak about the beauty that we discover to the first appearance. I assert that this appearance, attracts much more by smiles, looks, an attitude what by a simple physical appearance so perfect it is.

Furthermore, only this beauty of our expressions is universal and timeless. The beautiful smiles are of all times and cross continents, while the shape of a face varies according to countries and according to the times.

The beauty is really in the expression of an authentic and freed personality: of a personality, it wants to say, in the peculiarity; Authentic also, because she refuses any conformity to a physical appearance or a compulsory speech and freed finally because this personality dares to go towards the other one, because there is not a blooming without meeting of Other one.

Then, the plastic surgery has another place in the beauty? Yes, on the condition of giving him his real place: remove what hampers: a congenital defect, a shape of a nose which does not correspond to its inside, to his personality either another face marked by a relaxation of skin or by greasy pockets at the level of the eyelids which give a tired, tired air. The plastic surgery has to restore a harmony between the lines of a face and his being, its soul. The surgeon instead of modifying a face, and whatever are the surgical exploit, has to work in this infinitely subtle, in this reconciliation, lines of a face with his expressions.

Today, we must be able to obtain from the plastic surgery what I named S.M.I.G.-beauty, that is the Individual Minimum Threshold Protected from beauty, the most beautiful appearance to which every person can aspire with its own physical appearance and by keeping his own personality.

What is the future of the beauty?

The beauty, the expression of which is purely physical, reached its limits. The images of the posted beauty are, it is known, often recomposed images; So the genetic manipulations can soon « make » stereotypical faces. There is delusion and especially a danger to guarantee for this purely physical vision of the beauty. Danger first of all for the teenagers, for the teenagers also. Very fortunately, this demand of beauty of obsessional type and built on purely physical criteria, is not increasing.

The beauty which I defend in this book is the beauty of our expressions, our behavior and our feelings; It is an acquisition, a conquest of one. The role of the esthetic surgeon is to bring a balance, a harmony with the face; It is up to the patients to light him of a brilliance found thanks to a reconquest of one, and by the expression of his own personality. We have to act, there is urgency, we have to defend our personality in front of danger of uniformity which threatens our company. It is necessary to know how to break rows, fight for the peculiarity of the beauty, take the strain out of this mimetic desire of physical perfection and substitute him the expressions, the smiles, the behavior, the way of being for the life. The emotional beauty won. Yet we possess all an enormous potential of beauty. Today, we are not born beautiful by his physical qualities, we become him by his behavior.

A message of hope for all the women.