Vous êtes belle

Jean Claude HAGEGE defends the following thesis: beyond a minimum threshold of Beauty, an acceptable morphology which the author calls the S.M.I.G of the Beauty (guaranteed individual minimum threshold) to which everybody should légimement have access, the exaggerated and sometimes obsessional search for Beauty is not anymore appropriate today. It is not anymore a factor of Seduction. Today, what really matters, it is what gets free of a woman, what is noticeable, not the physical appearance which, deprived of any expression, can become cold or leave unmoved, it is the beauty of the expressions and the behavior. The Beauty is more this gift which we receive (or what we do not receive) which eventually shades off in time, this very normative beauty been imperative by the advertising and the media. JCH identifies and defends a more subtle, more sophisticated beauty which emanates from a person. It is not the internal beauty, because the appearance remains important, the one by which we perceive the infinite pallet of the expressions (smiles, looks, body movements, etc. …). It is the beauty which the person acquires when she knows how to express her feelings, when it is in agreement with herself, when she is not afraid of revealing her personality. A kind of harmony, of balance between what the person feels and what she expresses. Of this coherence emanates the beauty. JCH does not take place only as surgeon but as man who says to us in which idea of the woman he is sensitive. The perception by the men of the beauty of the women will be also developed. What do they really wait? A physical appearance completes? Not necessarily, a harmony, an emotion. Wherever from the idea there is sometimes an incomprehension between what the women think of being the expectations of the men (forms and perfect bodies) and for what the men really look. What is interesting, it is the paradoxical position of JCH. As esthetic surgeon who operated so many women and led them towards the physical beauty, he says that nothing is more important that to be in accordance with oneself, have the possibility of expressing himself completely, and of seducing also. It is rather a message of hope and liberation with regard to the standards of the classic beauty: collection of the body or the perfect physical appearance conveyed by the media. We do not pursue anymore the idea of a perfect physical beauty, but the idea which the beauty crosses by the expression of a personality. To have the boldness to be one, becomes this new objective of beauty. A sincere and sensitive speech of a beauty expert which says to us that all the women carry in themselves a potential of Beauty to be revealed, to show itself.